Mike “Hucker” Clark is an awesome guy, a total Southern California surfer dude, and one hell of a rider. Here’s a random mix of street, park, and dirt clips including a hang five down a hill at about mach twelve.

Here are a bunch of ramdom facts from 8 Mil Media Group about the video…
-It took us four days over the course of a month and a half to film this puppy (schedule conflicts suck)

-Seven Canon Digital Master HDV Mini DV’s used once we finally wrapped up filming

-Three failed attempts at filming at Brookhurst Skatepark before we finally had the footage we needed in hand (each time we went, Hucker destroyed a rim or garnered some gnarly flats)

-Six flats, one rim, and one rear hub destroyed

-Zero spots kicked out of. Surprisingly, our filming stint while at a local high school attracted no police or security

-The longest hang five we’ve ever seen anybody do. We’re sure Hucker set some sort of world record

-150 miles logged on our Toyota Tundra during our final day of filming. Driving from Huntington Beach to Anaheim, to Corona, to Yorba Linda, and back to Huntington Beach

We’re sure we have more things we could list, but frankly our brains are completely fried after editing Hucker’s complete edit. We really hope you enjoy this, and be sure to watch this thing all the way through! You’ll understand why once you see the VERY last clip.