Sure, not too many people are running brakes these days, but there’s still a ton of riders out there that do run brakes. There’s also an entire population of brakeless riders who are simply brakeless because they just couldn’t figure out how to get their brakes to work well, so they took them off. Brant Moore is here to help those of you who want to improve the brakes on your bike with 5 trips for better BMX brakes. These tips can be done very inexpensively and make a huge difference on the quality of your braking. Hit play and take it all in, then grab your bike a dial those stoppers in.

If your bmx brakes aren’t working right, it can be frustrating and not immedietly obvious to figure out why.
In this video I talk about 5 different things you can do to fix or make your bmx brakes better without having to buy anything.
” – Brant Moore