4Down1Up #TeamSmillie Full Section

Devon Smillie and Matt Roe in one video…a stylistic explosion of all kinds. All jokes aside, is it just me, or is Devon becoming everyone’s favorite rider?

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“Two down, two more to go! Our third 4Down1Up video comes from Team Smillie, consisting of the man himself, Devon Smillie, style cat Matt Roe and probably the smiliest man on the planet, filmer Peter Adam.​ Again, different from the first two videos but i’m sure you’ll agree they did an amazing job. And who the hell were those two old fellas who killed the place?! Look out for the final 4Down1Up video dropping tomorrow right here on DIGBMX.com – you’ll have your chance to vote for your favourite video along with being entered into our Dans Comp giveaway!