First video up in the 4Down1Up video contest is #TeamLacey featuring Bruno Hoffman, Benny L, and Will Stroud behind the lens. This is awesome! Both Benny and Bruno do their own thing and destroy these set ups in the park as Lacey (who was injured) cheered them on.  Bruno is a spinning machine and Benny bonks every part of his bike on something. Can’t wait to watch all the sections back to back.

“You’ve seen the On The Couch videos and now it’s time for you to check out what Team Lacey got up to with their time in the 4Down park. Due to a horrible ankle dislocation the week before Lacey was unable to ride so called on good friends Ben Lewis and Bruno Hoffmann to fill in, and they did just that! Combine those two with the filming expertise of Will Stroud and you’re in for a class act. Look out for the other teams edit’s dropping right here on over the next three days, and you’ll have your chance to vote for your favourite video along with being entered into our giveaway!”