When there are close to 100 riders and the competition is a jam format, you can bet there are going to be a ton of highlights—and you’d be right. We put together a video from qualifying with more than 12 minutes worth of bangers! Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Michael Beran, and lots, lots more are in here…check it!

Contest Format: Four riders in a jam format heat. Each rider gets two visits to the course. Judges score on both runs combined. Note that many riders did tricks after their runs were up that were not counted in their scores, but are shown in the video.

Video by Fat.

2011 Simpel Session Qualifying Results:
(Top 25 ride in finals.)
1. Brett Banasiewicz
2. Drew Bezanson
3. Dennis Enarson
4. Garrett Reynolds
5. Michael Beran
6. Ben Hennon
7. Pat Casey
8. Josh Harrington
9. Anton Evstifeev
9. Ty Morrow
11. Colton Satterfield
12. Dean Cueson
13. Chad Kerley
14. Maxime Charveron
15. Brian Kachinsky
16. Paul Ryan
17. Kevin Kalkoff
18. Daniel Wedemeijer
19. Ryan Taylor
20. Bruno Hoffman
21. Spencer Bass
22. Ben Wallace
23. Ondra Slez
23. Andre Jesus
23. Andres Lainevool