If you didn’t catch Dew Tour on TV this past weekend, or if you just want to hear the soothing sounds of Jamie Bestwick’s British accent some more, you’re in luck because they have uploaded a ton of videos to YouTube showing a lot of what was broadcast including finals highlights, wining runs, interviews, and more…

Also, if you missed any of our own coverage, hit up our 2011 Portland Dew Tour page for results, photos, and videos.

– PARK –

Park Prelims Highlights

Park Finals Highlights

Park Finals – Scotty Cranmer (Run 1)

Park Finals – Scotty Cranmer (Run 2)

Park Finals – Kyle Baldock (Run 1)

Park Finals – Kyle Baldock (Run 2)

Park Finals – Daniel Dhers

Park Finals – Brett Banasiewicz

Park Finals – Austin Coleman

Park Finals – Garrett Reynolds

Park Finals – Ryan Nyquist

Park Finals – Ben Wallace

Park Finals – Dennis Enarson

Park Finals – Chad Kerley

Chris Hughes’ Backflip Drop In

– DIRT –

Dirt Finals Highlights

Dirt Finals – Dennis Enarson (Run 2)

Dirt Finals – Dennis Enarson (Run 3)

Dirt Finals – Kyle Baldock (Run 1)

Dirt Finals – Kyle Baldock (Run 3)

Dirt Finals – Brandon Dosch (Run 1)

Dirt Finals – Ben Wallace

Dirt Finals – Cam White (Run 2)

Dirt Finals – Cam White (Run 3)

Dirt Finals – Chris Doyle (Run 1)

Dirt Finals – Chris Doyle (Run 2)

Dirt Finals – Brett Banasiewicz (Run 1)

Dirt Finals – Brett Banasiewicz (Run 3)

Jaie Toohey’s Flip Double Whip


TJ Lavin Interview

Kyle Baldock Interview

Brandon Dosch & Brett Banasiewicz Interviews

Dennis Enarson Interview