During Dew Tour this past weekend in Portland the amateur riders got their shine time in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals for dirt and park. A lot of these guys were throwing down just as hard (if not harder) than some of the pros, and the lucky winners will be riding against the pros in Salt Lake City next month. Check out what went down in these two highlights videos…

2011 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Park Final Results
1. Brandon Loupos
2. Logan Martin
3. Allen Adams
4. Victor Salazar
5. Ben Eylander
6. Luke Bowerman
7. Mike Gray
8. Matt Ray
9. Jordan Prince
10. Ty Callais

2011 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Dirt Final Results
1. Luke Parker
2. Luke Bowerman
3. Larry Edgar
4. Victor Salazar
5. Tommy Crail
6. Justin Spriet
7. Colby Spratt