This past weekend the annual FISE contest went down in the South of France where they had dirt, park, mini/spine, and flatland contests. Inside are a handful of videos and all the results we could find. Make sure you check out the park finals video to see Pat Casey’s insane new trick, the decade backflip. So f*#king nuts.

2011 FISE Pro Flatland Final Results:
(Finals rained out. Results based on qualifying runs.)
1. Viki Gomez
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Jesse Puente
4. Alex Jumelin
5. Takahiro Ikeda
6. Joris Bretagnolles
7. Jean-Francois Boulianne
8. Jean Bulhon

2011 FISE Pro Dirt Final Results:

1. Chris Doyle
2. Ben Wallace
3. Pat Casey
4. Jean Batiste Peytavit
5. Alessandro Barbero
6. Tristan Musso
7. Daniel Wedemeijer
8. Ricardo Laguna
9. Vincent Massardier
10. Nicholi Rogatkin

2011 FISE Pro Spine Final Results:
1. Mark Webb
2. Daniel Dhers
3. Ben Wallace
4. Pat Casey
5. Alex Coleborn
6. Michael Beran
7. Harry Main
8. Drew Bezanson
9. Jean Baptiste Peytavit (tie)
9. Dean Cueson (tie)

2011 FISE Pro Park Final Results:
1. Pat Casey
2. Mark Webb
3. Alessandro Barbero
4. DAniel Dhers
5. Drew Bezanson
6. Todd Meyn
7. Jean Baptiste Peytavit
8. Dean Cueson