The vert finals went off tonight with everyone throwing down solid runs and huge moves. Here are our highlights…

Things to keep in mind while watching this video:
– This win means Jamie Bestwick has won the last four X Games vert contests. It also means he’s rich.
– Vince Byron went down really hard on a barspin to turndown and was knocked out cold for a few minutes. Luckily he got up and walked away on his own. No word on his condition at this time.
– Tim Wood, Simon Tabron, and Dennis McCoy all pulled 900s. DMC is 43 years old. Let that one set in for a minute.
– We are not allowed to film at X Games and risk getting our credentials taken away and being kicked out every time we break out the video camera, so hiding in the stands doesn’t allow us to have the best angle and certainly guarantee people won’t stand up and get in our way.
– The vert ramp was inside a theater and set up on the stage. In between the stands and the ramp was a huge net to block anything from being ejected into the crowd or thrown on the ramp. The net obviously wasn’t very good for video or photo purposes.

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2010 X Games Vert Results

1. Jamie Bestwick – 90
2. Simon Tabron – 80
3. Steven McCann – 80
4. Chad Kagy – 79
5. Coco Zurita – 70

Here’s some of the TV coverage ESPN did…