The last competition of X Games 16 was the street finals, and it may have been the best, too. Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Brian Kachinsky, and the seven other riders in the finals all killed it. Here are the highlights…

Things to keep in mind while watching this video:
– There were 10 riders broken into two heats of five. Each heat was a 15 minute jam format with the riders taking 45 second runs. The best score out of all their runs counted.
– Out of the 10 riders, the top two scorers from each heat went to the final round. From the remaining six riders, the highest score got moved to the final round as well.
– The final round was another 15 minute jam session between all five finalists.
– We are not allowed to film at X Games and risk getting our credentials taken away and being kicked out every time we break out the video camera, so hiding in the bleachers doesn’t allow us to have the best angle and certainly doesn’t allow us to catch all the bangers. (We try our best though…)
– Garrett Reynolds may be a machine. We are looking into this and will report back our findings.

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2010 X Games Street Final Results
1. Garrett Reynolds – 96.33
2. Dennis Enarson – 90.00
3. Brian Kachinsky – 88.00
4. Sean Sexton – 86.66
5. Dakota Roche – 85.66

Here’s some of ESPN’s coverage…