Daniel Dhers, Dennis Enarson, Gary Young, and the seven other riders who made park finals bring the heat in this highlight reel…

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Things to keep in mind while watching this video:

– The format was a jam session where each rider took turns hitting the park for 45 seconds.
– There were two heats of five riders each in the finals. The top two riders from each heat went on to ride in the “super finals.” The fifth rider to make it in the super finals was the highest score out of the remaining guys. Confusing, I know…
– Out of each riders’ five or six visits to the course, the top two scores were combined to give an overall score.
– Pretty much all the riders had awesome lines, but unfortunately that was really hard to capture from our one camera angle.
– We are not allowed to film at X Games and risk getting our credentials taken away and being kicked out every time we break out the video camera, so hiding in the bleachers doesn’t allow us to have the best angle and certainly doesn’t allow us to catch all the bangers. (We try our best though…)
– Rob Darden tied for the last qualifying spot, but unfortunately hurt his knee and couldn’t ride in the finals. Dennis Enarson took his spot, and went on to win a silver medal.
– Chase Hawk crashed during one of his early runs and limped off the course. He did not continue riding. No word on any injury or anything…
– Craig Mast messed up his bike in one of his early runs and used Colin Mackay’s bike to finish up his heat. It obviously didn’t affect him much because he still rode awesome.

2010 X Games Park Final Results

1. Daniel Dhers – 79
2. Dennis Enarson – 76
3. Gary Young – 69
4. Brett Banasiewicz – 61
5. Diogo Canina – 58

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