The YMCA BMX Pro for a week camp has been a staple with Dale Holmes racing for the last four years. As you can guess, kids get to spend an entire week learning about BMX and riding the track. All of this of course is made possible by the partnership with the YMCA and Dale Holmes.

For 2017 Dale Holmes and his team converged on the grounds of Kearny Moto Park BMX in San Diego. Holmes, Bryce Betts, and Jason Richardson were all on hand to get the kids ready to ride. Each camper was kitted up with an Ansr helmet and glove followed by Haro BMX bikes. John Buultjens, brand manager of Haro Bikes was also on hand. “”We’re certainly so proud to see the young kids with those smiles riding a Haro for the first time. A lot of them, it is their first BMX bike,” said John.

As Dr. Jason Richardson says in the video, Dale is doing an amazing job at getting people involved in BMX. It is great to see not only support from companies within the industry, but also outside companies such as the YMCA. There is definitely a ton more going on within the video, so take a look at the video below created by Justin Kosman.






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