USA BMX shook up the BMX world today with the announcement of all six Gold Cup final locations. This is big for all of the families that like to plan their year ahead of time. So, without further ado here are your six locations for the Gold Cup Finals! Let us know what you think in the comments below!


DK Bicycles Gold Cup Weekend #1: September 13-15




DK Bicycles Gold Cup Weekend #2: September 27-29



DK Bicycles Gold Cup Weekend #3: October 4-6





Coming directly from the USA BMX HQ, these are the steps you must take as a rider in order to qualify for the Gold Cup Finals and chase that plate!

STEP 1: Compete at Gold Cup Qualifiers. In 2019, there will be 81 GC races held from January to mid-August, between 44 states and Canadian provinces. Finishes from two Gold Cup Qualifiers will be counted.

STEP 2: Compete on both Saturday and Sunday at any six of the Gold Cup Regional Championship Finals with the maximum of four scores counting toward the overall Gold Cup points.

* A maximum of four (4) class or cruiser scores will be counted. Two (2) scores from the rider’s best Qualifier finishes and the other two (2) being his/her Saturday and Sunday finishes at the Gold Cup Final.

BONUS STEP: Riders can also earn up to 4 additional bonus points by racing locals. Racers will be given 1 extra point for every two (2) single point races they compete in, on or before August 15th, with a maximum of four (4) bonus points given.

ie: Race eight locals and earn 4 bonus points. It could make the difference between a No.1 plate or No.3, or no plate at all.


For more information about USA BMX and the Gold Cup regional series, please CLICK HERE.