Strider Bikes could easily be considered one of the most influential companies to ever BMX – or the entire cycling industry for that matter. Since day one Strider has been bringing us their beloved “kick bikes” from their South Dakota headquarters. Now, every time we think little tikes and their first bikes, Strider is the only name that comes to mind.

If you are part of the select few that have not seen these little bikes rip around at USA BMX nationals or your local track, now is the time you check them out. During my normal perusing of social channels, I stumbled upon a Strider video. First thought was a standard video showcasing their normal line of product. To the contrary, this was a new bike that could easily be another step in their world domination of being the first bike every kid pedals.

The video launched their new 14X Sport Strider. Not only is this a standard Strider, it is also capable of being equipped with a basic pedal setup. This will keep your new rider on their Strider for even longer. According to their website, the 14X is designed for kiddos aged 3-7. After getting your mini shredder confident on the kick bike, bust out the tools and place the drive train on. The 14X comes ready with a rear sprocket already installed.  The simple setup requires minimal tools and can be put together in minutes.

Now that the pedals are on, your little one can kick their way down the street and when feeling confident place their feet on the pedals and start cranking. It is a killer design that keeps kids even more comfortable. To top it off, this reduces the risk of a bigger fall when your young one inevitably takes their first digger. Get wobbly and this setup lets them touch the ground with a bit more ease since they are already lower on the bike.

The new Strider 14X is now shipping and comes in two colors – blue and green. Retail pricing comes in at $209.99. The $90 price increase over their standard balance bike is definitely steep. Luckily you get two bikes in one here, so that may help swallow the price hike. I am guessing it is only a matter of time before we see more colors as well. There is a slew of additional features that you can see at For now, check out the video below!