The Sunshine State BMX Association (SSA), was sent packing by USA BMX in a sudden move announced to track operators yesterday. For years, the SSA has been a staple in the Florida BMX world. Since the NBL and ABA merger seven years ago, the SSA has seemingly been a mostly liked Florida BMX series.

As of last night, the SSA is officially out as USA BMX announced their takeover of the Florida state series. The announcement was released to track operators and it was not long before the letter hit social media. From what I have seen, some members of the Florida BMX contingent are not pleased. The graphic below has been circulating since last night as a protest to the USA BMX announcement.




In the letter, USA BMX notes that they will be working to create a new “pilot program” state series. Their idea is to combine the best of the the SSA program and integrate it with key USA BMX features. The end goal is a completely new state series that could be rolled out around the country. In the letter, USA BMX COO John David says the following…

“The merger of the ABA and NBL into USA BMX showed the true capabilities of what a united effort looks like. The team here is excited to bring that same  enthusiasm to a revised state series in Florida.”


As part of this sudden change, the powers at USA BMX have called a meeting for the Florida track operators. It is tentatively set for Saturday, July 21st. During the meeting, USA BMX will focus on the structural options for the new series and finalize details for the 2018 season.  Hopefully, more will come out about this in the coming weeks to neutralize any issues that are arising from some Florida BMX racers. On the other side, quite a few veteran BMX plays in Florida are pleased to see this happening. Most noted that they see a bright future ahead for Florida BMX.

We still are unsure if this is a bold move by USA BMX to have complete power, but I am sure there were reasons to make such a change. There were rumblings of other internal issues with the SSA as a whole that could have led to this also. Either way you cut the pie, change is never easy. Especially in a state where the NBL was so large. Many comments  I saw were people hoping that the this will have no ill effect on the pro class. The SSA was known for solid payouts during their events, and hopefully, that does not change.

I certainly plan on continuously monitoring this story and provide updates when possible. Until then all we can do is sit back and hope this turns out for the best in regards to Florida BMX.

To learn more about the SSA please CLICK HERE. For more information on USA BMX, CLICK HERE.