Sam Willoughby may still be charging like a tiger in his recovery, but that certainly has not kept him out. Going back some weeks, the champ took to Instagram by thanking his brother (Matt) for a shiny new espresso machine. It was not long before the term “Cafe Willoughby” was being used as lines were forming to get a fresh cup from SW91.



Now jumping back to current day and Sammy boy has teamed up with long time friend Tyler Brown. So what exactly did they start? How about an official Cafe Willoughby webcast through YouTube’s streaming service! That is right, Cafe Willoughby is officially launched. The show just aired it’s first episode and we included here for you to watch.

These legends are off to a killer start with their first episode breaking in at just over two hours. They cover a ton of stuff, including special guests. They cover the Zolder SX, USA BMX Nashville stop, and field questions from watchers and fans. Nic Long makes an appearance and some other big name legends you do not want to miss out on.

This show certainly has some major potential, and we would love to see it expand for many more episodes to come. Check out episode one below and be sure to hit and search for “Cafe Willoughby” and subscribe so you do not miss a single episode!


Cafe Willoughby – Episode 1