Sam and Alise Willoughby are arguably the most powerful couple in BMX. It is hard to put yourself in there shoes with all of the adversity thrown their direction. Though in seemingly trying times, the duo has managed to rise above all else. Overcoming magnificent hurdles one after the other and proving love conquers all.

As BMX racers, chances are high you have taken at least one flight to a race somewhere in the states. Southwest Airlines, one of the big majors, just featured the Willoughby’s on the cover of their in-flight entertainment magazine. That is right, the smiling faces of Sam and Alise are sitting in seat-backs across the country in every Southwest Airlines seat back for the month of June.

“As BMX competitors, Alise and Sam Willoughby are unstoppable. As spouses, they're unshakable.”

– Southwest Airlines Magazine


The extremely deep article takes you into the lengthy careers of the Willoughbys. Writer Tony Rehagen hit this one out of the park as he takes you inside their lives. For the BMX world, these two are very high profile athletes. The opportunity for them to grace the cover of a widely seen publication is a big win. Not just for the power couple, but BMX as a whole. You can check out the article below. Be sure to give it a share and let this be seen by the world. As for Sam and Alise, they will continue to overcome anything in there way. At the end of the day, love conquers all…


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Image: Steve Diamond Elements