Remix BMX shot onto the scene just a short time ago. Brand Manager Greg Hill is the face of the brand that you have come to know and see at events. Behind the scenes stands CEO and owner Dale Robinson. Dale stepped into the BMX world to bring next level parts to racers of all levels. Fast forward and Remix refocused to high level complete wheels. In an age of custom wheel builds taking over, it was certainly an uphill battle. Luckily for Dale and Greg, they are chugging along and making progress every step of the way. Most recently the brand announced that they were going to put their money on the line. Remix BMX announced they are kicking in $5,000 to the pro purse of the Tangent Pro Am series  in Fernley.


Remix BMX kicking in $5,000 for Tangent Pro Am purse.


So why did Remix BMX step up and offer such a big stack for the pro am? We reached out to Dale Robinson, Owner, to find out more. “As the owner of Remix BMX and Father of two bmx racers. I know first-hand the expense it takes to get down the road. Along with that, I understand and value the knowledge and experience the pro riders have given back to the sport. Seeing Pro riders struggle with small pay-outs and weak clinic turnouts, I saw the need for companies to give back to the sport. We want to help others and be a positive roll model for the young racers coming up through the ranks. We want to make it worth a Pro taking a day off work, or traveling for a day to race.”

“The success of some races is based on the draw from the Pro riders, so why aren't we as companies thinking outside of the box and coming together to make this work?,” asked Robinson. In some cases, the industry has seen brands struggle to do much beyond the bare minimum. Or is it something more and the brands are not seeing a return on their investment? Either way you cut it, Remix BMX is working to change that.

We also wanted to know what type of conversations Remix was hearing from the pro riders themselves. Dale continued, “Brooke Crain and Rachel Jones were in Fernley, NV the end of March doing a clinic and we got into the discussion about them coming up to the Pro-Am in Fernley on June 10th. Brookes comment was, "it's hard to go too far when the purse won't even pay for gas half the time, let alone a hotel or anything else." That's when I saw the hurt in her eyes and the passion she has for the sport, but struggles with the expense of racing like many others.  I turned immediately to grab the track operator and told him I wanted to step the purse up from $2,500 to $5,000 and it must be equal pay. These female riders put in as much hard work and passion as a male rider.”

As an added step to show their appreciation to the pro riders, and for Tangent willing to bring their event to Fernley,  Dale Robinson and Greg Hill will be hosting a VIP pool-side party. The party will be at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno on Saturday, June 9th. The event will be open to all that are  traveling up after Saturday’s Tangent Pro Am in Roseville, Ca.

Rich and TJ from Tangent Products told us, “We could not be more stoked to have Remix hop on bored with our series. We strive to have the best regional events for the pro riders, as well as offer amateurs the chance to bang bars with the fastest in BMX. The more brands we can bring on to help support the series, the more we can grow the sport on all levels.” 

Fernley BMX has also seen a major face lift with the help of both Remix and many other volunteers. With the money being offered in both Roseville and Fernley, this is an event worth going to. Find out more info about Remix BMX at .  You can also find out more about Tangent and their series at