Fight or flight. Caroline Buchanan’s comeback story – an exclusive piece for It has been just over six month’s from a life-threatening car accident 45 minutes outside of Cooma, NSW, Austrailia. After strenuous rehab, Caroline Buchanan can finally ride again.

In an extremely detailed article, Caroline hold’s no bars in this touching tell all. In her own word’s she takes us through the highs and lows of the past six months. As a world-class cyclist, she has had her fair share of injuries. Not a single one trumps this accident that left her sidelined for the first half of the year.


“I started 2018 not being able to sit up by myself; I had to roll in and out of bed. I couldn't laugh, couldn't cough, couldn't sneeze because my sternum was in two pieces.”



For Caroline, this life experience has been quite revealing. Not just how far injuries can go, but also by offering her a new look at her extreme world. While her return to the track has not been nailed down, we are sure it won’t be much longer. Follow our link below to read her complete story. And Caroline, keep kicking ass – we are all rooting for you.




Photos: Caroline Buchanan/Exclusive Insight