DK’s Spencer Cole recently inked a new shoe deal with the infamous Lake Cycling International. Lake, a U.S. born brand, formed back in 1982 and has started making appearances in the BMX scene the last few years.



“Our pride has grown out of a simple fact, that we are first to market with many if not most new developments in cycling shoes. Unlike most companies in the marketplace, we haven't been distracted by entering into different cycling product categories, we have remained true to our core value and that is to produce the best fitting, highest quality cycling shoe on the market.” – Lake Cycling


The new sponsorship deal is going to have Cole sporting Lake Cycling shoes each time he hits the track. Will we see the brand start making more waves in the BMX race world? Only time can tell us that. It is nice to see a brand such as Lake Cycling to come in and throw some support in the amateur side for a single rider as opposed to the standard team program we have seen before.

One thing Lake Cycling offers that is not super common in the cycling show market is custom options. They have an online design tool that allows athletes to custom design the look of select Lake Cycling products. Here is what Spencer Cole’s new kicks will look like when finished. Of course, you to can also go on and design a custom pair. The caveat is they usually require a 45-75 day lead in order for the product to be completed – so plan ahead!


Lake Cycling Custom Creations 


“Signing on with Lake Cycling was a big deal for me! They have a superior selection of products that will certainly be helping me get to the top of the podium at each event. The stiffness of their carbon models has already elevated my racing by placing allowing the power to transfer directly to my pedals.” – Spencer Cole


If you would like to learn more about Lake Cycling and their products, please CLICK HERE!