BOX Components is hands down one of the top tier companies in racing. Last year they came out swinging by offering up to $80,000 in performance bonuses. The only catch, be a pro and make it on the podium while running select BOX Components product. It was a big hit and the California based company shelled out $15,000 for the 13 riders that qualified.

Looking to improve their pro rider support, BOX has decided to renew the program for 2018. They will also stay at the same $80,000 that is up for grabs. So how do you qualify? Check the steps below and cash in on a killer opportunity.

Qualification Guideline

– Run the plate, forks, cranks, handlebars, stem, tires, rims, brakes and saddle
– Submit a valid Pro License and keep a W-9 (US athletes only) or W-8 (International athletes only) on file at BOX HQ
– Supply an invoice in your name of the required items purchased
– Supply a picture of your bike with the aforementioned components
– Fill out a one page rider agreement to be kept on file at Box HQ
– Submit invoice within 30 days of the event, detailing the event, class raced and place finished to process your check

– One or more social media posts within 7 days of the event in question


Any pro can take advantage of this great program. BOX continues to greatly support the industry and this program is just further proof they are in it for the riders. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to BOX brand manager Phil Maxwell @ [email protected] Also be sure to check their entire line of racing products at