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WTP Tapered Headtube Frame Concept

The folks over at WETHEPEOPLE are always trying to make stronger bike parts their newest idea, adapted from MTB, is the tapered headtube. The idea here is that it will make for a stronger frame/fork which would last you longer. Check out the photo and see what you think!
“Here’s a sneak peek at our tapered headtube BATTLESHIP concept frame. After introducing 25.4mm Oversize clamping into freestyle BMX 3 years ago and seeing it slowly become accepted by other brands and recognised by riders as a logical evolution of handlebar design, we at Wethepeople started to look at other ways in which we could drastically improve upon the conventional design of a BMX bike. Already used on bikes and proven outside of the BMX industry for over a decade now, the use of a tapered headtube allows for vastly increased strength and stiffness in one of the most critical areas of the bike with relatively little weight gain. 

BMX riding (especially street riding) is evolving at such a high rate. Riders are doing bigger tricks down even bigger and more dangerous setups year after year. This kind of riding puts a huge amount of force and stress through this specific area of a frame and fork, so moving towards a tapered headtube system was something where we could instantly see the benefits design wise.  By keeping a standard 1.125″ bearing at the top of the headtube, and a larger 1.5" bearing at the bottom, we are able to not only increase the diameter of the fork crown at an area of high stress, but also combine it with the hydroformed tubing of our BATTLESHIP street frame to allow far more welding surface area and resulting in the strongest frame and fork combination ever made. The taper it's self also acts like a natural conduit for the energy during an impact and channels it into the enlarged and strongest part of the frame and fork.

This tapered BATTLESHIP frame and fork concept is currently in the early development stages, and as with all Wethepeople products will go through an intense testing phase in both the laboratory and with our PRO team before it progresses any further. We'll be posting more about this new concept as the project develops including photos and info on the matching tapered BATTLESHIP fork, as well as bike checks from the team riders who will be receiving their first samples very shortly and will be putting them to work on the streets around the world.”