Okay, I’ll begin by saying that I’m not a big video game player.I’m just not all that into them. I would rather be doing something involving music or riding my bike. The only game system I’ve ever owned was the Atari 2600 (how’s that for old school?). Of course I have had roommates who had game systems so I’m not completely inept at playing video games, but it just isn’t my thing. In fact, I have never played Tony Hawk’s video game in my life. I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me how much I am missing out. Whatever.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is one of three freestyle video games that are coming out soon and it’s the first one that we have gotten a copy of to play. As soon as we get the others we’ll do a full comparison. Mark said that I should play it for a while and write my own review of it, even though I told him that I didn’t play video games. So yesterday I went into the conference room and I sat there and forced myself to play. Well, all I can say is that we better get this thing out of the office or I’m not going to be able to get any of my work done. That’s right, BMXonline.com will be updated once every blue moon if we don’t get this damned Playstation out of the office. They’re worse than Razor scooters!

After playing Dave Mirra Freeestyle BMX for a while there are some things that I don’t like about it, but overall I still enjoy playing the game. That’s probably because it is the first decent video game that has bikes in it.

I didn’t like the fact that the same song continuously loops on each board. If you don’t like a song you pretty much have to go to a new level or turn the volume off. When I was playing the “Proquest” part of the game, this is where you qualify for different bikes and uniforms, I got stuck on the third level and whoever that band is they just sucked. I wanted to quit playing because the song kept looping over and over again. This is very annoying.

Another thing that I didn’t like about the “Proquest” part of the game is that you have four challenges to complete before you can go to the next level. Three of these make sense, such as grinding four boxes and scoring a certain amount of points. But then there will be one challenge that is just plain stupid. How many times am I going to want to run into four lawn chairs in real life?

The game still has a few glitches, but it is only 85% complete at the stage we have now. You can ride straight through ramps and rails and sometimes you just get stuck in one position and have to restart. These should be fixed before they are released for retail sale so it shouldn’t matter by then.

Overall I like the game, but you have to remember that I don’t have much to reference it to. I think that it is an enjoyable way to waste some time. If you live somewhere that it rains a lot and there are no indoor skateparks around you should buy this game. As for me, I live in California now, it never rains here, but as long as that Playstation is in the office then I will be feeding my addiction to Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX.