Like anything else in the world of action sports, shoe technology has evolved quite a bit over the years. Canvas and rubber slip-on's evolved into high top lace ups, which then slowly morphed into cup-soled,  bubble-cushioned moon boots in the 90's, and now the world of BMX and skate shoes is filled with your choice of materials and sole options, whether you need the toughest ankle-guarding leather mid tops to ultra-light synthetics that more closely resemble running shoes than something you'd stomp a pedal with. Throughout decades of both good and bad footwear choices, Vans has remained the stalwart action sports footwear brand, keeping the heels & arches of riders worldwide safe and comfortable, no matter what your sport of choice is. 2016 is the brands 50th year running the actions sports shoe game, and to celebrate, Vans is releasing new versions of some of their most iconic shoes of the past – the Era and SK8-Hi Pros.

Dating back to 1966, Vans has designed hundreds, if not thousands of different shoe models for BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcross and just causal, everyday use, but two of their most popular models throughout the years have been the Era’s and the SK8-Hi’s. Neither of these models are actually 50 years old, however; the 50th anniversary distinction actually pays tribute to some of the iconic riders who’ve rocked Vans throughout the years by reissuing colorways that current and former Vans riders made famous during the 70’s and 80’s. The USA-themed Era’s pay tribute to Eddie Fiola, worn in this infamous ad in 1983, while the blue and white SK8-Hi’s honor Dennis McCoy, who popularized the colorway with freestylers over 30 years ago and is still a Vans team member to this day. Another Vans vert vet is Christian Hosoi, who was one of the most popular and perhaps the most stylish vert skater of the 80’s while rocking checkerboard SK8-Hi’s, while Santa Cruz and Black Label legend Jeff Grosso’s personally customized black & white SK8-Hi’s are now available for public consumption. These are more than just pretty reproductions though – the classic designs have been updated with modern features, such as Vans’ Ultracush HD sockliners and DURACAP rubber reinforcements, and of course the classic waffle sole comes standard, as always.

The Vans 50th Anniversary Pro Reissues are available now at Dans Comp – the Era’s will run you $59.99, while the SK8-Hi’s will run you $64.95. Dans has all of the iconic models we just talked about, but there are more colorways available at the Vans shop, so check their site out if you’re looking for something more fitting to your style.