Profile Racing wrapping up their 50th Anniversary with a BANG. They’ve just released these limited edition Vintage 24K Gold Box Cranks that any collector will want to get their hands on. These are remanufactured to be exactly like the original Box Cranks with 24K Gold plated coat to really make them shine. Add in some of their original decals and you have something that will look great in the collection or, if you’re real wild, on your bike. There are only 25 sets TOTAL, so if you want one of them, you need to pick them up on the Profile Racing website for $424.99 now!

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Profile Racing. To help celebrate this occasion, Profile Racing re-released the remanufactured original box style cranksets. The cranksets are made on our original 1979 tooling. They are replicas of the originals including decals, grade 8 gold zinc bolts and washers, aluminum spider, American BB in polished with 5-3/4" solid axle, spacer tube, Vintage Gold Anodized 5-bolt 110mm Spider and 24K Gold Plated finish. (No Lifetime Warranty)


12 total sets of 175mm

13 total sets of 180mm

Color: 24K Gold Plated

Weight: 1142g/39.97 oz (complete crankset)

Profile Racing 24 K Gold Box Set