Is it time for some new tires? Have you given the new Path Pro Tire from Odyssey a look yet? The Path Pro Tire is based off the original Path tire from the early 2000’s, but with some modern updates. Odyssey have used a proprietary rubber compound for extra grip and a longer lasting tire, given it a new directional tread pattern with a smooth center tread and knurling on the side blocks and given it some larger, modern, sizes (2.25″ and 2.40″) to choose from with two different pressure options; high pressure (100 PSI, Dual-Ply sidewall) and low pressure (35-65 PSI, lighter Single-Ply sidewall).

The Path Pro Tire is available through BMX shops and mail-orders that carry Odyssey worldwide now, and direct from the Ride BMX Shop! You can learn more on the Odyssey website!

Oh, and they squeak… Even on mulch and grass apparently.

Odyssey BMX Path Pro Tire BMX