Odyssey Back to School 2012 Softgoods Flipbook

Boom! Odyssey always comes through with the goods when they drop a new flip book and their 2012 Back to School softgoods flip books shot in San Diego is really cool. Check out all that Odyssey has to offer for the upcoming season and make sure to check out the new online store if you don’t have a bike shop close by!

We have recently revamped our ONLINE STORE and are very excited to announce that we nowSHIP INTERNATIONALLY! That means just about everyone is only a few clicks away from owning any of our latest softgoods. Click around the flipbook above to check them out and then hit up our ONLINE STORE, your local BIKE SHOPS or favorite mail-orders to STOCK up!

Shout out to Gary Young, Tom Perry, Hoang Tran, Dirt Ron, George Boyd, Kyle Hart and Stephen Campbell for throwing down some moves for us!