Have you ever taken a moment to compare the shape of your grips to the shape of your hands? If you're like most riders, probably not, but the next time you need to replace your current set up, take a moment to look at the wear pattern, then cup your hand like you're holding the bar and look at the contour of your palm. Notice how the center of your hand is kind of cupped in? Notice how the center of your grip probably isn't as worn as the inner & outer edges? Clearly, there's a correlation there. For all of the different grips there are on the market, there aren't all that many that really address this contour issue, but Éclat’s new Pulsar grip tackles this, and it's made right here in the good ol' US of A.

Éclat might engineer their products in Germany, but for the new Pulsar grip, they combined that engineering with ODI's world-famous soft compound and time tested ribbing to create Éclat's softest and longest lasting grip yet. The Pulsar grip beefs up the ribbing at the contact points that wear out the fastest, increasing your grip life substantially, while also increasing the overall length of the grip to accommodate the wider handlebars preferred by many riders these days, and they're also devoid of any flanges, saving you valuable seconds of modification time if flanges are not your thing. It wouldn't make sense to source bar ends from two different countries, so the Éclat Pulsar's also come with US-made, Éclat-branded push-in plugs as well, free of charge.

Eclat's new Pulsar grip is available now worldwide at your favorite Éclat dealer, including Dans Comp in the next couple weeks, in a wide variety of colors including black, red, army green, purple and gum. The Pulsar should set you back around $10.99, which is a value when you realize how much longer these grips should last you. If you're interested in the rest of Eclat's exploits, be sure to check out www.eclatbmx.com and follow them on Instagram @eclatbmxbrand.