The Kink BMX 12″ Roaster Bike Rips!

It looks like Ezra Osborn is on his way to shredding just like his dad, Chad Osborn, thanks to Kink’s new 12in. “Roaster” bike. Get a look at this dialed little bike in this quick promo and keep the Roaster in mind if you or anyone you know wants to hook their kid up! For more photos, specs and information, click here.

“Simply put the Kink Roaster is designed to be a kids first BMX bike. The 12" wheel and frame size make it an easy transition from a balance bike, and means kids will feel completely comfortable on their first pedaling bike. Once again, this bike isn't simply a bike with 12" wheels or merely a miniaturized BMX bike. It factors into account standard BMX geometry, and applies them to a younger child's size and needs.

The Gloss Blue Chill colorway really shines while the bike sports some great components throughout. In addition to the miniaturized 5" Kink Puma CC bars and 12" Kink Lance forks, the Roaster features a coaster brake in lieu of a lever based brake system, that could be too difficult for some children to use at a young age. For 2018, the chainstay bridge design has been updated to fit a caliper brake or 990 plate for those looking to add a lever style brake as well.”

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