Need a little more color in your life? Bike not vibrant enough? Get rolling on some colorful tires! There are plenty of options and we did the work for you. Here are some of the most vivid, bright, and unique color tires in BMX at the moment.

Colony Griplock
Colors: Purple/Black, Dark Grey/Black, Blue/Black, Emerald/Black, Brown/Black, Dark Red/Black & Grey Storm, Black/Black.
Colony’s team-designed tire has a multi-purpose, modern tread design that is meant to be fast rolling and low resistance with a strong sidewall. The Griplocks can hold up to 110psi and weigh 22.2oz. Oh, and the Grey Storm effect is applied after the tire is moulded so it will wear off with use.

The Colony Griplock tires…

Demolition Momentum / Hammerhead 

Colors: Maroon, black
The Momentum tire is one of the lightest bead tires on the market at 19 oz (2.35"). Features include a low-profile rectangle tread pattern for grip on any terrain and a high pressure of 110psi. Available in 2.2" and 2.35". The Hammerhead is Mike "Hucker" Clark's signature tire. These lightweight, grippy, and durable tires feature a full tread wrap, and an all-new rubber compound that will keep you rolling on the same tire for a very long time. Offered in two different tread variations—lower profile Street (S) & higher profile Trail (T) versions. And they come in 2.25" and 2.4" and tip the scales at 25.7 oz. (2.25" T) and 21.9 oz. (2.25" S).

Demolition’s Momentum & Hammerhead tires.

Colors: Neon red, neon yellow, burgundy, Army green, black
Colors: Dark blue, Desert Tan, black
Colors: Cream Blue, Fire Red, black
The Fireball tire employs Eclat’s new “Street-Shield" sidewall technology—makin' 'em extra resistant to damage while grinding. They also feature a puncture resistant nylon layer, a high PSI pressure rating of 100, and weigh-in at 25.3oz. (2.3"). Rest assured, this is one Fireball that won't burn out fast! Bruno Hoffman's signature Predator tire is available in 2.3" only, weigh 25.92oz., and are designed for those who like to do grinds. Aside from great grind clearance, the Predator is a super durable tire with reinforced sidewalls, a smooth central area for speed, and a sticky rubber compound for grip. Designed with input from the team, the Ridgestone is ideal for street riding or ramps. Featuring a smooth central tread for higher straight line speed and deeper tread on the shoulder for better grip around corners. Available in 2.2″ (26.64oz), 2.3″, and 2.4”.

Eclat’s Fireball, Predator, Ridgestone.

Colors: Blue, green, grey, black/white wall, black, black /OS hotpatch
The T/A (traction advantage) tire is Fit’s new super grippy street tire and is available in 2.10″ (22oz.), 2.3", and 2.4". Featuring high-pressure sidewalls with smooth directional tread for minimal rolling resistance and less drag while grinding. The gum version has a stickier rubber compound, while the black version will last a little longer—decisions, decisions, decisions…


Fly Fuego
Colors: Dark blue, tan, grey, white, black
Devon Smillie's signature Fuego tire is tough and versatile. Features include HPPR layer technology (high pressure and puncture resistance), a harder sidewall compound with "protection line" for increased durability during grinding, a pinch resistant layer at the tire bead, and low-pressure stability (because Devon runs like 30PSI) but 120-PSI capability. Available in 2.3" at 25.7oz.

LP 5 
Color: Dark grey/red wall, dark brown (Bourbon)/black, Clear gum, white, black
Pool Tire
Colors: Shred and Shed black/yellow, black/red,  Black/Junk Food, Army green/black, dark brown (Bourbon)/black, dark red/black, black
The fifth incarnation of the tried and true GT Low Profile tire features that classic "GT" tread block appearance with Quick Release grind friendly sidewalls. Quick Release sidewalls are designed to reduce sidewall drag while grinding. Available in 2.2" (23.28oz.) and 2.35", and features non-directional GT tread with micro-knurled GT tread blocks, and a smooth center block. The 2.3" Pool tire weighs 31.4oz. and features non-directional tread, a micro-knurled surface, and Quick Release grind friendly sidewalls.


Kink Sever
Colors: Purple/black wall, black/white, white/black, black
The Kink Sever tire weighs 32.5oz. and feature a simple, yet stylish and effective low profile tread pattern that rolls fast while providing a ton of grip. The entire outer tread surface is micro-knurled which adds additional traction. The 2.4" tire width and resilient rubber compound help soften hard landings, while the increased thickness in the sidewall area helps to prevent flats and improves stability even when running lower tire pressure.

Shadow Contender Welterweight

Colors: Blue, black
The Contender Welterweight is made from a sticky rubber compound and features a multi-surface tread design with mini cut out tread pattern for grip during carving or turning and a smooth centerline for better rolling resistance. Maximum PSI 110, width 2.35", weighs 28.6oz.

Sunday Street Sweeper
Colors: Hot Pink, purple, lime green, black
While you won't get every grind variation known to man like Jake Seeley has, what you will get with his signature tire includes directional tread, dual compound, a harder side tread for faster grinds, a max PSI of 100, and 2.4" width.

Volume Vader
Colors: Blue/black, black
High pressure (110 psi), lightweight, street tire that was designed to grip on any terrain and super durable thanks to the dual density compound, strong nylon cord plies forming the body, and four wire bead steel cables creating a stronger backbone of the tire. Available in 2.25" and 2.4".

Fiction Troop
Colors:  Urban camouflage, jungle camouflage, Specops Green, gum/black, black
The Fiction Troop tire is 2.3″ wide, weighs 28.8oz., has a 55-65 PSI rating, and features a semi-aggressive tread pattern on a larger 62mm wide casing.

Cult AK
Colors: Green, orange, indigo, gum, black
Alex Kennedy’s signature tire from Cult. The AK tire is a super wide (2.5″!), lightweight street tire with a smooth centre for less roll resistance and micro knurled on the side for extra grip. They can hold 110psi and weigh 25.8 oz.

Stranger Haze
Colors: Blue/black splash, red/black splash, gum/black, black
The Haze tire features an ultra wide (2.4") tacky rubber tread compound with a smooth surface for maximum contact area, high-pressure (110 PSI) sidewalls for reduced rolling resistance, and angle cut side grooves for additional traction when carving.


Salt Plus Sting
Colors: Cyan with black strokes, black
Street pattern tread, lightweight design, knurled for improved traction, 65PSI rated, available in 2.3" (23.03oz.) and 2.4".

Federal Response
Colors: Orange, Midnight Blue, Blood Red, khaki gum, Arctic White, black
The Response tire features direction tread pattern on the sides for extra grip while having a smooth centerline for better rolling resistance. Available in 2.35″ (29.1oz.) and 2.5″, with slightly different tread patterns for each size.