Thinking about picking up a new guard sprocket? Have you given Madera‘s Signet Bash sprocket a look yet? The Signet Bash Sprocket is a universal full guard sprocket that is CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum right here in the United States by Profile Racing with a unique six spoke design and the ability to run one of the universal adaptors that fits 19mm and 22mm Spline Drive 48-spline spindles or 19mm, 22mm and 24mm bolt-on style 48-spline cranks.

Profile Racing Universal Spline Drive Options

A. 19mm Spline Drive
B. 22mm Spline Drive
C. 19mm Bolt On
D. 22mm Bolt On
E. 24mm Bolt On

The universal adaptor is made from 4140 chromoly with 5 different options available. This is sold separately from the Signet Bash sprocket for $10 (if purchased with the sprocket) or $12.99 separately.

The Signet Bash full guard sprocket is available in Anodized Black or Silver with laser etched graphics in 25 and 28-tooth sizes and Dan Kruks’s signature Party Paint colorway (28-tooth only) through BMX shops that carry Madera worldwide now, on the Ride BMX Shop or direct from the Madera webstore for $39.99 – $59.99 and a weight of 4.37 oz. (25t / without adaptor).

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