Here’s some news we’re sure plenty of you have been waiting for! Wethepeople have released their full line of 2019 Complete Bikes from their Alpha and Icon series all the way up to their Pro and Elite Series, plus their 22″, 24″ and 26″ bikes! You can check out the entire line up of bikes, along with full specs, details and photos over on the Wethepeople Website now!

"A reinvention of just how unbelievably detailed and well designed a BMX bike can be.

Crafting BMX bikes is what we do. It's in our blood and it fuels us day after day. It's also at the core of who we are as a brand and as BMX riders. The bikes we have created are an echo of how far we've come as a bicycle company and where BMX has taken us since our birth in 1996.

The 2019 line of WETHEPEOPLE complete bikes is more than just an improvement on last year's range. We have rebuilt the entire line from the ground up; ensuring each bike is at the absolute best it can possibly be in aesthetics, feeling and value. We listened carefully to our extended family of team riders, shops, distributions and customers to work out the winning formula for what makes a complete bike "perfect" at any level. We can confidently stand behind this year's range as a testament to a lot of hard work."

The 2019 bikes are landing with international distributors as we speak and will make their way out to bike shops and mailorders worldwide across this month. For information on availability please contact your local WETHEPEOPLE dealer.” – Wethepeople