The latest round of the Imprimatur BMX Podcast has arrived! This time around Mike Hinkens has brought on Vic Bettencourt from Circuit BMX to discuss BMX shops and everything involved with running a shop, competing with the internet and brands going direct and much more. This is an interesting topic that has had a lot of discussion over the last 5 or so years, and it’s good to get Vic’s perspective of everything! Hit play and give this a listen!

In this episode of the ImprimaturBMX podcast, Mike Hinkens talks with Circuit BMX Shop owner Vic Bettencourt and discusses how important local BMX shops are to the culture and industry of BMX. From what local shops provide and how they contribute to our culture all the way to the challenges facing small businesses due to the internet and direct sales, this podcast aims to help listeners understand how brands, distributors, and local shops fit into BMX as a whole.” – Imprimatur BMX