The latest round of the Imprimatur BMX Podcast has arrived. This time around Mike Hinkens gets on the line with East Coast OG Lino Gonzalez to talk about his background, what he has going on with his brand, 90East, to his thoughts and perspectives on a ton of different aspects of BMX. As always, Lino comes through and this is a real interesting listen! Check it!

In this episode of the ImprimaturBMX podcast, Mike Hinkens and East Coast street mainstay Lino Gonzalez "meet" for the first time and spend the hour tossing around ideas about a multitude of topics including: Being critical of BMX, competition amongst brands, growing the culture, outsiders in BMX, mainstream understanding of our actions, style à la skateboarding, and the possibility of the death of street riding, amongst others.” – Mike Hinkens