The latest Imprimatur BMX Podcast has arrived, and this time around Mike Hinkens got on a call with Grant Castelluzzo to talk about filming in BMX, the role it has and the different forms from web videos to full video parts and more. Grant has been putting in time behind the camera for years, so if you’re interested in filming, this is definitely one worth giving a listen! Check it!

In this episode of the ImprimaturBMX podcast, Mike Hinkens talks with well-known rider and BMX videographer Grant Castelluzzo about how "riding videos," regardless of their form, are a vital part of BMX Culture. Topics discussed include: Why we film, ABD's, the importance of full parts, the interconnectedness of sponsored riders and the act of filming, the democratization of media-sharing, as well as the complex ideals that guide us when making a video.” – Imprimatur BMX