There has been a steady flow of Podcasts to check out lately, and there have been a lot of rad people putting their story and thoughts out there. Here’s the latest from Mike Hinkens and Imprimatur BMX where he catches up with Richard Mungall! Richard has been fairly low key over the span of his career, but definitely still crushes it on a BMX bike! This time around Mike and Richard talk about philosophy and BMX, and how the two come together. This one is pretty deep, but it’s a super good listen, so hit play and take it all in! Also, this is the second time Richard has been on the podcast. We missed the first one, so we embedded that one below for good measure!

In this episode of the ImprimaturBMX podcast, Richard Mungall returns to discuss some big questions including: What is Freestyle? Why do we do it? And why is it so important? Utilizing simple analogies, cross-cultural examples, and various philosophical approaches, Richard works to define what he sees as the mystical nature of freestyle as a way of being that transcends both bikes and tricks. Throughout, and in conclusion, Richard argues that we need to be consciously aware of ourselves within BMX in order to get the most out of life as well as the most out of the diverse experiences that constitute Freestyle BMX.” – Mike Hinkens

In the first official open discussion podcast for, Mike Hinkens and his guest Richard Mungall lay out some major issues in modern BMX with an eye towards a deeper analysis of the culture and as an introduction to future in-depth podcasts. Topics covered include the relationship of BMX to the mainstream media and how that affects our cultural productions, the merits and detriments of growing BMX for the sake of progress, the reasoning behind studying BMX as opposed to just "doing it," the "cloudy utopianism" in American culture that can shed light on the perennial debate over "buying in" versus "selling out," and MUCH MORE.