The Head Angle Podcast coming through with their second episode! This time around we get an interview with Lewis Mills and Ben Norris who have been blowing up down in Australia the past year or two, hell, Lewis just took second at X Games Sydney! Get to know both of these guys as they talk about everything from how they got into BMX to getting sponsored, traveling, all the way to what they have going on these days from projects and plans! Check it!

For over 5 years Ben Norris has been the man behind the lens crafting the worlds perception of Lewis Mills as he rose to be notoriety as Garrett’s Australian recruit.

They take us back to how they found BMX on the Northern Beaches to the trappings of Sydney city culture that pushed them to pursue riding and making videos 100%. We talk about how weird Sydney is, passing through phases, making art for a living and the journey to potential future projects together.

These 2 are the future, you’ll be seeing plenty more from these guys don’t you worry.

Editors note: Ben’s recent videos are proof of a young master craftsman on the rise. He released one of my favourite videos of 2018 with Jacman Hinss and I have no doubt he’s gonna make another favourite in 2019. – John Young

8 days after we recorded this, Lewis debuted in Sydney X-games and won silver in his hometown.

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Lewis wins X-games Silver