The latest round of The BMX In Our Blood Podcast has arrived! This time Joe Doherty caught up with Brant Moore to talk about everything from riding to his Youtube channel where he’s constantly pumping out videos, what gets him stoked on things and more! Brant puts in a ton of work and has a super positive outlook on things, so hit play and get to know him a little better!

The BMX In Our Blood Podcast Brant Moore

I’ve always been intrigued by Brant Moore because he is such a hard worker in the quest to bring the of best of BMX to the public in multiple media formats, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook. It was inevitable that Brant and I would talk shop and about our experiences in bringing BMX to the public while highlighting riders that help give BMX the diversity that we are all so lucky to have. The podcast also gave Brant a chance to discuss how diverse his BMX interests are. I would absolutely give his YouTube a follow (just search @Brant_Moore) to see exactly how Brant gives back to the sport that has captured his interest since he was 13. You will learn quickly that the man behind Lip Lords is behind many other BMX disciplines. Trails, street, skateparks and indoor parks. Enjoy the podcast and learn about one of the most dedicated BMXers I know!” – The BMX In Our Blood Podcast