Well, he’s done it again. Jamie Bestwick is the undisputed king of vert and is taking home gold from X Games for the second year a row. Chad Kagy and Steve McCann are also taking home medals, and surprisingly Kevin Robinson did not make it to the super finals.

Jamie Bestwick made this contest a little more dramatic than he has made others in the past by crashing hard on an attempted double barspin. He laid in the flat bottom for a while, but there was speculation that he was more or less stopping the clock so he could take a break as opposed to actually being injured and unable to get up. Whatever the case, Jamie got back up and stole the show like we all knew he could.

Simon Tabron didn’t have as good of luck when he slammed hard on a 900 attempt on his first visit to the ramp. He was knocked out for several minutes and didn’t return to finish his runs but was up and walking around later.

The contest was set up in jam format just as the other disciplines here at X Games, which made for more of a show as the riders got more visits to the ramp than usual.

Zack Warden pulled several perfect bikeflips, Jimmy Walker and Dennis McCoy both did amazing 540 variations back to back with flairs, and Kevin Robinson did his signature no-handed flairs and a 540 tailwhip.

Vert Final Results
1. Jamie Bestwick – 111
2. Chad Kagy – 105
3. Steven McCann – 103
4. Dennis McCoy – 90
5. Jimmy Walker – 78

X Games 14 Vert Podium
Vert Podium: Chad Kagy, Jamie Bestwick, Steven McCann. Photo by Fat.