The Vans Triple Crown track in Woodward is making a lot of the best racers in BMX sweat every time the gate drops.Today the time trials went down to get the riders seeded in the motos, and Chris Sanchez had the best time of the day out of 51 riders. A few riders have taken burly crashes, including Neal Wood who had to bail off over the big step-down and hurt his back, Alan Foster who crashed on the same jump and suffered a broken foot, and Steve Veltman who tried a no-footer over the finish line jump and went down hard. T.J. Lavin proved he can handle any dirt surface and even did a 360 over one of the jumps on the track. The actual race starts tomorrow morning and is going to be a landmark event in BMX racing.

Time Trial Results (top ten times)

1. Chris Sanchez 30.851 $1,000
2. Robbie Miranda 30.94
3. Kevin Tomko 30.979
4. Jamie Staff 30.986
5. Scott Edgworth 31.018
6. Travis Turesson 31.046
7. Christophe Leveque 31.11
8. Kyle Bennett 31.158
9. Justin Loffredo 31.196
10. Greg Romero 31.31