Australian AA Pro Sean Dwight took a nasty spill at last weekend’s ABA Blackjack Nationals. During one of his motos, Sean crashed headfirst into the face of a jump while going elbow-to-elbow with another racer. Sean was wearing an open-face helmet and broke his cheekbone and suffered from a concussion that was so bad he flat-lined but was resuscitated. He is now walking and after spending Sunday and Monday in the hospital he flew back to Kyle Bennett’s home in Texas where he stays while in the United States on Tuesday. The doctors told Sean to stay off his bike for four weeks.
Other than a broken cheekbone and soreness Sean is recovering well. Sean wants to send a special thanks to John Purse and his wife, Nicole, for caring for him while in the hospital and let everyone know that he now has an Answer full-face helmet for use in the future.

A collection has been started to offset Sean’s medical expenses. Please send any donations and well wishes to:
Sean Dwight
C/o Kyle Bennett
P.O. Box 642
Montgomery, TX 77356