Mosh “Sushi Bars”

Price: $52 raw, $50 black Colors: Raw, black

Info: Sushi Bars are made from .065″ 4130 chromoly tubing. They are also available in black under a different name, the Weldon Bar. These bars are a little taller than some of the other dirt jumping bars on the market, with a good sweep to them. Sushi Bars are being ridden by Mosh dirt jumpers Jerry Bagley and Mike Aitken, so you know they are tough.

Etnies “Miriad” Shoes

Price: $86.95 Colors: Gray, black

Info: The Etnies Miriad shoes feature an air pocket in the heel area for those crazy hard landings, and the same rugged construction you would expect from Etnies. The soles have the same dip in them that many skate shoes have these days, and many riders find that a little hard to handle on the pedals. If that’s the case these shoes are great for hanging out, but might take a little getting used to on the bike.

Snafu Pedals

Price: $70 sealed, $34 unsealed Colors: Battleship blue, olive drab green

Info: Snafu pedals are made from a cast body and come with 40 grade-eight screw-in pins, allowing you to use up to ten pins per side. According to Snafu rider Mike Ardelean, six pins per side is the ideal count. They feature a forged heat-treated spindle which is available in either 9/16″ or 1/2″. The sealed bearing version is only available in 9/16″ while the loose ball pedal comes in both sizes. The pedals are packaged in an oval can, which is an excellent container for herbal remedies or sandwiches once the pedals are removed.