Haro Backtrail¿$289Designed by Ryan Nyquist

“For my signature bike I really wanted to have 100-percent input, because if it’s going to have my name on it, I want to be satisfied with the way it looks, the design, and all that. I sat down with the designer at Haro and went through some ideas and some sketches, and then we put some stuff on paper and came up with a final drawing.

“I was riding a Haro Supra for a while, and I’d kind of go between a Mirra and a Blammo, too. I figured out that for ramps for me, the shorter frame was better. I went more towards that size, like the Mirra frame. On dirt you can pretty much learn to ride on anything, but for ramps you need that shorter rear-end. It just handles a lot better. Basically the Backtrail is an all-around bike that you can ride on dirt, street, and vert, but it is advertised as a dirt bike. I look at it more as an all-purpose bike. Whatever you want to do on it you can do on it. The frame will last you forever. I haven’t messed anything up yet, and I’ve been thrashing it pretty hard.”

Volume Destroyer¿$290Designed by Jason Enns

“The Destroyer is pretty much a combination of things I’ve found that I liked on bikes that I’ve ridden, like the real tight back-end. There aren’t too many bikes I’ve ridden that the back-end was as tight as I liked it, and there is a little bit steeper head tube. Those are the main things that I wanted to do on my bike. Brian Castillo pretty much just let me do whatever I wanted. He kind of gave me a pencil and paper and said, “Draw what you want and then we’ll go from there.” I wanted to keep it light but still strong, pretty much a combination of a lot of things that I’ve ridden. I’ve ridden some bikes that felt real good but were just way too heavy, and some that were light but not strong enough. I just wanted to put everything together.”

“We just got the second prototype and that one is pretty much bang-on, so it worked out pretty much the way I wanted it to go¿so far so good. I’ve been riding the prototype for a couple months and haven’t had any problems.”