Eastern Jane Frame

Price: $270Colors: White, tan, or army green. Custom colors available at an additional cost.

Info: The Jane is Eastern’s new jumping frame, and is available in two sizes: a 20.5″ top tube length, and a 21″ top tube length. This frame is quite a bit lighter than Eastern’s Tarzan and Hercules frames, and would still be suitable for some street abuse.

Volume Bar Ends

Price: $17.50Colors: Black, silver

Info: One problem people have with bar ends is that some won’t fit 7/8″ handlebars with thick-walled tubing. Volume’s bar ends feature a little bit of play, and once they are tightened, a rubberized portion expands pressing against the inside surface of the bar to hold them in place. These bar ends will fit any 7/8″ handlebar on the market, and with a little thought, they could be rigged to work in a one-inch bar.

FBM Handlebars

Price: $54.95Colors: Grey, black, navy blue

Info: FBM owner Steve Crandall spends a lot of time in a bar, so he is an expert on “bars” of all kinds. The new FBM handlebars are available in either a 9° or 12° sweep. They are a jumping-style bar with a narrow design, so you won’t need to cut them down. These are the same bars you’ll find on the bikes of Nathan Wessel, Pat Schreader, Ralph Sinisi, and Steve Crandall, so you know they are tough.