Ricardo Laguna’s Extreme Thing Recap

The main focus of the BMX world this past weekend was undoubtedly the Simple Session going on in Tallinn, Estonia, but it wasn’t the only competition going down around the globe. Ricardo Laguna’s Pro Dirt Challenge went down during Las Vegas’ Extreme Thing event and Dustin Grice, Colton Satterfield, and James Foster came through with the 1-2-3 spots in a slightly modified, “cash for tricks” format. For full details, check out Ricardo’s account of the contest below as well as some photos.

Hey Guys!

This weekend, over 20,000 people came out to attend ExtremeThing – Las
Vegas’ largest annual Sports & Music Festival held at Desert Breeze
Park. This year’s event marked the 17th year fans have come out to
enjoy live music, carnival rides, wrestling, MMA, Vegas Am Jam as well
as the 9th year of “Ricardo Laguna’s Pro Dirt Challenge”.

During Friday’s practice, we got to see Jaie Toohey jumping higher
than the parking lot light posts and Big Daddy sending 360 to 360
opposite at light post height. To everyone’s dismay, with the wind
picking up Saturday morning, we weren’t able to move forward with the
full competition. The riders came up with the best criteria to
continue the contest which was “cash for tricks” plus a bigger payout
for top 3 best tricks.

On the day of the contest, riders came from all over including Brandon
Dosch, Ryan Guettler, the Cordova brothers, Nicholi Rogatkin and Lance
Mosley to compete. Despite the windy conditions, fans were fully
satisfied as they witnessed riders pulling off tricks like a casual
double backflip, flip double whip, a superman double seat grab
stretched to the maximum,
and a tail whip to no hander suicide. In the end, third place went to James
Foster for his double backflip, second place went to Colton Satterfield for
his 360 backflip no hander, and first place went to Dustin Grice for his 360
windshield wiper. In my opinion, the bars that were set in this contest are an
indicator that 2012 is going to be a great year for these riders.

I want to thank Clark County and every one of the riders who came out
for making the
best of the circumstances we were given, plus putting on a great show
for the fans who had the stands full, even while waiting for the wind
to die down. This year’s ExtremeThing was a huge success and I can’t
wait to see what 2013 will bring for sports and music fans!

Story by Ricardo Laguna. Photos by Metz Media, where indicated.