Presumably you’ve seen Morgan Wade’s interview in the latest issue of Ride and it’s safe to say he did some crazy stuff.Anyone who rides knows that in order to do stuff like that you’ve got to be ready for the injuries that come along with the learning process. Morgan’s surely paid his dues and he was more than happy to tell us about it.

What kind of injuries have you sustained so far from riding?
I have had several injuries over the past few years. I guess the first injury I had while riding a bicycle would be the first time I broke my collarbone. It was about a year after I started riding, and I tried to bunnyhop over a picnic table, and didn’t quite make it, and flipped over and broke my collarbone. That was collarbone number one, and I ended up breaking that same one again, and eventually the other one too.

Backwards peg grind on a ledge that’s so tall it could be considered a wallride.

Clickhere to watch….  credit: Jeff Zielinski

I never used to wear kneepads, because I didn’t think I would ever fall on my knees. I had the full-face helmet and the shinguards and I thought I was good to go. I used to fall on my knees a lot. I had a swollen knee, the Bursa sack in my knee got huge, filled with nasty fluids, and I got a staph infection in my knee. I had to go to the hospital for the better part of a week. That one almost took me out for good, so now I always wear kneepads. That whole incident was about two years after I started riding.

Morgan first got this shin bite a few months ago and it never healed because he always rips it open again. It has something to do with lots of tailwhips and his refusal to wear shin pads.  credit: Jeff Zielinski

I broke my leg at Woodward, of all places. I was there for two weeks as a camper, broke it the first week and now I have a plate and eight screws in there. Broke both of my big toes at different times, I’ve broken fingers, and had some pretty nice shin cuts. I’d say that all the skin on my shins is numb from having sliced all the nerves.

Morgan actually sessions this drop in with tailwhips and as seen here, 450’s.

Clickhere to watch….  credit: Jeff Zielinski

I have a “swellbow” that never goes away. It’s a hard lump on my elbow that gets bigger if I fall on it. That’s always fun. I’ve been knocked out too many times. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been knocked out. That tells you how many times I’ve been knocked out, I can’t remember (laughs). The rest is just the normal stuff that everybody does over and over again; bruised heels, wrists, etc. Injuries are no fun and I’ve had my share. I definitely don’t get as injured as I used to; my riding has gotten smoother. I don’t wreck as often, but when I do wreck, it’s worse!

If you read Morgan’s Ride interview then you should be familiar with the “Morgasm”. Well, this is an accidental reenactment of itt.

Clickhere to watch….  credit: Jeff Zielinski