The 2008 Baco-A-Go-Go wrapped up today at Mesh Skatepark with local young’n Trey Jones taking home the win but leaving all his prize money with the Mike Aitken fund. Even as the contest was going on things were getting out of hand and there was a party raging on top of the sub box. Here we have 48 wild photos from the night along with the results. Look for a recap and a video very soon.

Final Results:
1. Trey Jones
2. Jeff Klugiewicz
3. Drew Bezanson
4. Tony Malouf
5. Mark Mulville
6. Tom Dillareal
7. Dave Freiumth
8. Matt Sparks

Best Trick:
Winner: Matt Sparks, Handplant Transfer
Runner Up: Josh Eilken, Fakie To Ruben Wallride