This past weekend the city of Fresno, California was host to a pro/am contest at their BMX-only concrete park. If you’ve ever been there or seen photos of the place, you know it’s a good one, and Eye Bikes frontman Erik Engrstrom was on hand to snap us some photos from the event…

Pro Results:
1. Kevin Peraza
2. Chad Osburn
3. Jason Lopez
4. Daniel Sandoval
5. Ben Snowden
6. Cody Mckenna
7. Brandon Hoffman
8. Victor Salazar
9. Jason Johnson (tie)
9. Nick Nobel (tie)
10. David Peraza
11. Eric Cisneros
12. Andrew Lang
13. Ty Callais
14. Kenny Kekow

Kevin Peraza - Barspin Flair
Chad Osburn - Wallride to Table
Daniel Sandoval - No-Handed Frontflip
Brandon Hoffman - Turndown Transfer
Brandon Hoffman - 360 Table
Andreas - 270 E.T.
Cody McKenna - Seatgrab Indian Air
Diego Enriquez - Barspin
UFO - One-Footed Invert
Kevin Peraza - Hip Decade
Cody Mckenna - Double Whip
UFO - Tailwhip
Andrew Topa - Capsule Carve
Ricky Acosta - 810
Daniel Sandoval - Barspin to Footjam Transfer
Taylor Belchelier - Busdriver
Victor Salazar - Double Whip
Pro Podium - Jason Lopez (3rd), Chad Osburn (2nd), Kevin Peraza (1st)

All photos by Erik Engstrom.