Tangent’s TJ Johnson called us last week, telling us about this invitational race, and who was going to be on the list. Once we heard the names, we knew it was going to be good. Here’s what TJ wrote about the weekend…

The 1st Annual Tangent PRO/AM spectacular took place this past Sunday, the 14th of Sept. at Oak Creek BMX where the Nor Cal State Championship was held. With Oak Creek being home of three of the fastest pros on the circuit, it only made sense to have a race against Nor Cal’s finest amateurs. So, Tangent went to work on the “Invitation-only” PRO/AM race getting together 21 of the fastest ams. If you know your riders, you know there are a load of top riders from Nor Cal; narrowing the list down to 21 was a hard pick, but come race day they were here and ready for battle, looking at their motos and sweating it out. Tangent tried a new point system that kept everyone racing their hardest even through the semis. With some of the hardest races that anyone has ever seen, it was time for the main event. With riders getting lane choice by points, it was going to be good to see how they planned their strategies. Brandon Meadows had first lane choice and took gate three followed by Paul Lange in gate four. D.R. decided on gate eight, then Kyle Biage took gate two with Michael Hughes trying the inside at gate one. Next was Matt Faulk; with three gates left he took slot five, Nathan Bonilla chose gate six, with Josh Oie getting lane seven next to D.R.

This is what the main looked like at the first jump. Check out Staats’ Mike Hughes getting his pull on. In about one second, Paul Lange’s going to kick in the afterburners and PEACE OUT.  credit: T.J. Johnson

The gate dropped and Meadows hit it slightly. Paul Lange wheelied to the bottom with D.R. way outside; they saw Michael Hughes winning at the first jump, but then a little bobble slowed him down. In the first turn it was Paul Lange on top, Brandon Meadows right behind, and Michael Hughes holding everyone up in the turn. With the battle up front raging, D.R. was pulling from fifth and passed everyone in the rhythm except the front two battling. In the last turn, B.M. had the line on Paul, but washed out, leaving him with a huge lead. D.R. refused to give up and kept charging. Then on the last jump, Lange hit and got loose, and D.R. in dramatic fashion won the main event. Here is how the main finished and what the prizes were.

1. Donny Robinson—$168 and a RIDE snowboard
2. Paulie Lange— $102 and a RIDE Back Pack
3. Michael Hughes— $90(trackbucks) and a BOMBSHELL wheelset
4. Kyle Biage— $60(trackbucks) and an ACS wheelset
5. Matt Faulk— $45(trackbucks) and a FLY rolling bag
6. Nathan Bonilla— $42(trackbucks) and a set of JBL speakers
7. Josh Oie— $40(trackbucks) and a FLY back pack
8. Brandon Meadows— $36

Felt donated a PRO XL SECTOR FRAME for the pro raffle. Tangent would like to thank everyone for making this possible: RIDE Snowboards, Felt Bicycles, Fly Racing, Bombshell Products, JBL Speakers, ACS Components, Gold Country Bike Shop, Oak Creek BMX, Tangent Products, and of course, the riders and the fans for making this a great race.