Devon Denham sent over eight new street and park photos of riders in out his local area in Kentucky. Keep these photos coming! If you have a gallery of photos you think is worthy of being on our homepage, hit us up at [email protected]

Chris Gorbant – Downside Whip  – Chris is one of those dialed riders that lands every trick first try. I admire him for that. He threw this whip multiple times without a sweat. Ollies Skatepark, Florence , KY.

Anthony (AKA: Shits) - Toothpick - This spot use to be a hidden treasure in Pittsburgh. However, it was nearly demolished except for the banks. Just a casual day back in when I lived in Pittsburgh.


Ben Drury - Sub Box 50/50 - I like how when you shoot photos everybody looks at what your shooting. That was the case for this photo. Ray's MTB, Cleavland, Ohio.


Keenan Gutter - 50/50 to Barspin - This trick reminded me of when I saw Leigh Ramsdal grind up this rail to barspin back when Props Mega Tour 1 came to Louisville. Keenan is full of positivity. Louisville, KY.


Keenan Gutter - Flair - The purpose of this photo was for a photo shoot for a clothing company I work for. Keenan is pretty nuts for doing this flair so many times for this photo. Louisville, KY.


Marcus Grubbs - Rail Hop - This photo is kind of old, but I love it. Shitluck used it for their holiday postcard, which was nice of them. I think Marcus looks like an ape in the jungle. Pittsburgh, PA.


Marcus Grubbs - Nose Manual - Very long nose manual first try Courtesy of Mr. Grubbs. Pittsburgh, PA.


Carl Espy - Sidewalk 180 - I really liked the sky in this photo. Carl really liked the bump he used for this sidewalk jump. Pittsburgh, PA.